Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine S SS SMS All Line

This machine use polypropylene as it's raw material, take the principle of spinning man-made fibers, finished by mechanical hot pressing. The whole press from material feeding to cloth output is automatic control, short production flow, high working efficiency. 1.6M,2.4M,3.2M, S ,SS,SMS nonwoven fabric making machine with good quality.



Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine S SS SMS All Line

Type S, SS, SMS
Width 1.6M, 2.4M, 3.2M
Condition New
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 250-415kv
Production Capacity 1500-6000T/Y
Install Capacity(KW) 130, 220, 300
Fabric Gsm(g/m2)


Certificate CE/ISO9001
Usage The machine is suitable to the production of nonwoven fabric by spun-laid and hot-rolled reinforcement. With PP as its main material; antioxidant, fire retardant as its additives to produce nonwoven fabric with different colors and different elements to feed the needs of different fields.
Application Fields

Packing and lining: Shopping bags, Bags for business, parent packet, dust cover, sleeping bag for children, luggage,mattress, sofa lining and so on.

Agriculture Usages: Cover for plant to anti-frost, insect-resistant sunshades, awning clothes, packing bags for crops, etc.

Medical Usages: Operation suit, exposure suit, cap, face mask, disposable clothes,etc.


1-100% raw material+additives--->98-99% finished product;

2-Production according to the 40gsm quality

-1.6M line: 4.1 ton/24 hour

-2.4M line: 6.1 ton/24 hour

-3.2M line: 8.2 ton/24 hour

Production Line

Recycle extruder---->Main extruder---->Filter---->Metering pump---->Monomer suction device--->Spinning box---->Quenching air chamber---->Stretching device---->Web former---->Calender---->Winder---->Slitter

Technical Flow 

Spun-laid process and technical flow chart

Additive(Recycling offcut fabric)---->Raw material---->Melting---->Filtering---->Measuring ---->Spinning---->Cooling---->Stretching---->Web forming---->Calendering---->Winding----> Cutting---->Final product


-During the process, the wastage is only 1-2%.(some PP liquid stick on the screen and some filaments attached on conveyor)

-Finished fabric wastage can be recycled and second-use.

Life and Warranty

1-Machine life is normally 10 years, depending on the use information of machine.

2-Warranty is 1 year. If any part of machine is broken, the company will replace or repair it. If have major problem, company will send technician to repair. 


Standard wooden case for exporting;

-1.6M line one set: 4*40FT/HQ containers

-2.4M line one set: 6*40FT/HQ containers

-3.2M line one set: 10*40FT/HQ containers.

Delivery Time 3-3.5 months after advanced payment
Loading Port Shanghai, Guangzhou or as required

What's the differences between S and SS line?

1-S type has only single beam.

2-SS type has two beams and output will be twice than S type. The quality is better than S type as well.

3-SS type is mainly used to produce medical products. S type is better for packing bags.

General Introduction for PP spun-bonded nonwoven machine
Type Output

Total Capacity

Operation Capacity Transformers Required Power(kw*h/t) Size of Machine(W*L*H) Container Required
1.6M 1500T/Y 360KW 130KW 250KVA
800 10*18*12.5 6*40HQ
1.6M 3000T/Y 720KW 260KW 315KVA 800 10*25*12.5 10*40HQ
2.4M 2200T/Y 540KW 220KW 250KVA 800 14*20*12.5 8*40HQ
2.4M 4400T/Y 1080KW 440KW 630KVA 800 14*30*12.5 12*40HQ
3.2M 3000T/Y 720KW 300KW 315KVA 800 17*20*12.5 8*40HQ
3.2M 6000T/Y 1440KW 600KW 800KVA 800 17*30*12.5 15*40HQ