Non-woven Eye Mask for 3D VR Glasses

Non-woven Eye Mask for 3D VR Glasses

Protective Hygiene Non-woven Eye Mask is used to make the VR glasses clean and avoid cross infection.

Virtual Reality and it's prospect

No matter you are a video game player, a movie lover or an industrial designer, you must have learnt a lot of VR(Virtual Reality). Many media reports 2016 as the first year of VR. At present, the steam VR platform has been able to experience the virtual reality game through vive HTC. Google has invested $0.54 billion in the virtual reality company Magic Leap. It is said that Apple and Facebook also formed a large team composed of virtual reality and augment reality experts to compete with the other companies in this new, high tech field. Even famous director Spielberg declared that he would produce a film about family cooperating with VR company.

VR technology can be widely used in urban planing, interior design, industrial simulation, monuments restoration, road and bridge design, real estate sales, tourism, education, water conservancy and electric power, geological disasters, education and training and many other fields, to provide feasible solutions. And the video game is the most eagerly awaited application now. Not long ago, a video game company, Valve, released a promotional video of its VR: Steam VR. In this footage, players are invited to wear VR equipment and experience all kinds of game, and other people can see their experience in "another world" in a variety of events on the screen. Everyone no matter player or viewer say it's really awesome.

Non-woven Eye Mask for 3D VR Glasses

With the development of VR technology, people have been gradually focused on the related products. The non-woven eye mask is made of PP non-woven or SMS. The advantages as follows:

1. Breathable, soft, comfortable, lightweight and low cost.

2. Antistatic, fluid resistant

3. Available in different colors, size and fabric thickness.

Quick Details
1. Material: Polypropylene non-woven and melt-blown fabric, hypoallergenic, fluid resistant
2. Applications: For 3D VR Glasses
3. Soft non-woven texture, for comfort and security to avoid cross infection.

1) breathable, soft, comfortable, lightweight ,disposable, convenient and cheap
2) antistatic, fluid resistant
Available in different weight and size and color and package as requested

Products spcifications

Application For 3D VR glasses
Raw Material Polypropylene non-woven fabric/SMS
Fabric Thickness 10-50GSM or as required

Good elasticity and breathability;
Lightweight and comfortable to wear;
Customized size and weight

Length 210mm
Style Double elastic
Color White and Black or as required
Cap weight Defined by dimension, style and fabric thickness
Package 100 pieces/plastic bag;
1000 bags/carton, 2000 bags/carton, 3000 bags/carton
Customized package Customized labels sticking to the plastic bag;
Customized carton
Landing port Shanghai port or required

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: High quality non woven eye mask:
PE bag/box
Delivery Detail: Small quantity 7-10days/large quantity 20-25 days for High quality non woven eye mask.